March 27, 2023

2023 Kitchen Trends We Love

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2023 Kitchen Trends We Love

Often serving as the family’s social hub, where events of the day are shared over the kitchen island and plans are made as lunches are packed on a back counter, they don’t call the kitchen the “heart of the home” without good reason. It’s no wonder why the 2022 U.S. Houzz & Home Study lists kitchen remodels as #1 of the most popular renovations. Highly visible to both family members and guests, homeowners often want their kitchen to be a showplace that inspires their inner chef and serves as a living space where they are proud to entertain. At Green River Builders, we understand that and place great emphasis on the design and craftsmanship of the kitchen in every home we build. We are proud to combine timeless designs with the latest kitchen trends. Here are just a few of the 2023 Kitchen Décor Trends that are topping our short list of favorites…  

Color Scheme

Sterile white-on-white kitchens that have been all the rage for some time are slowly giving way to a celebration of COLOR! Two-toned cabinets, pops of bright hues or gentle pastels, and bold print wallpaper in a myriad of colors are predicted to become all the rage. Homes & Gardens has declared green the undisputed kitchen color “hero” for 2023, while they also note that black is “having a moment” among popular kitchen colors.

Countertops and Backsplashes

Granite and marble – while gorgeous – have begun to fall out of favor among homeowners due to their reputations for being high-maintenance. Taking their place are quartz countertops in a wide variety of contrasting colors – adding visual interest to any kitchen space. And backsplashes are really starting to make a SPLASH with bold mosaic tiles, wallpaper, and unconventional materials like reclaimed glass, cork, copper, and even industrial metal sheets.


There is a major focus on natural wood – in kitchen cabinets, flooring, and accents. Playing off the look of the wood, infuse other natural elements – like plants, wood décor, and woven baskets. You’ll also want to invest in head-turning light fixtures that serve as décor highlights, as well as fulfill a necessary function. The same goes for seating – from the stools that line your island to the chair in the corner that makes for a welcome cookbook-reading nook. As for drawer pulls, faucets, and cabinet hardware, burnished gold is making a comeback. Vintage and retro accents are also experiencing a renaissance.


While many of our homebuyers are still fans of the kitchen island, we’re starting to see a shift towards “reimagined” islands, like a casual dining table that serves multiple functions – breakfast table, homework zone, bill-paying hub, and more. We’re also starting to witness a move away from an open-concept kitchen to a more defined space. As for perimeter cabinets that line the walls of your kitchen, we’re seeing an emphasis on millwork (as opposed to the minimalist feel of recent years) and other special cabinet details, like glass doors to showcase your knick-knacks, metal grill inserts, and mirrored doors.

According to design experts, longstanding design trends that have served us well, but may be on their way out are farmhouse style and glossy white subway tile. While trends can serve as inspiration, it often comes down to your personal preferences and tastes when making a house a home. When purchasing a home by Green River Builders, in the early stages of construction, we’ll connect you with our professional interior designer who will serve as a guide in your selection of finishes and fixtures that will make your new kitchen a living space of your dreams – the ideal place to bake and break bread with the ones you love. To learn more about our Green River Builders communities, visit us at We are committed to building the next chapter of your family’s story!

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