March 22, 2024

Embrace the Cozy Season: Indoor Fall Design Tips and Ideas

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Embrace the Cozy Season: Indoor Fall Design Tips and Ideas

The arrival of Fall brings the return of…  

glowing fires in the fireplace…

cider sipping and marshmallow roasting…

leaves crackling underfoot during an afternoon stroll...

mannequins adorned in sweaters and boots to display windows…

hayride, pumpkin patch, and corn maze adventures…

and pumpkin-spiced EVERYTHING on restaurant menus and grocery store shelves.  

As temperatures dip, the desire to cozy up grows. To help you make the most of autumn, the interior design team at Green River Builders presents five easy ways to create a “cozy season” aesthetic in your home by incorporating these indoor fall design ideas.

Adopt a Warm Color Palette

The best way to start is with a neutral white, ivory, pale gray, tan, or taupe backdrop. This color foundation makes it easy to alter your décor from one season to the next. For a great Fall color palette for interiors, look to the colors of the season for inspiration – like the changing leaves on the trees outside your window. Source throw pillows, throw blankets, rugs, and artwork in shades of fiery red, bold brown, warm gold, terracotta orange, forest green, and captivating crimson. If you really want to commit, you can paint an accent wall or invest in an accent furniture piece in a beautiful seasonal shade.

Lean Into Layered Textures

You can also incorporate the FEEL of sweater weather in your home décor. Again, throw pillows, blankets, and rugs are affordable options to add a little texture to each space. Chunky blankets, Modern Bohemian rugs, and fringed, velvet, and jute throw pillows are still all the rage. You can also look to the natural world to add a little texture – like stone, wood, moss, pine cone, and rattan accents. Not only are textured pieces pleasing to the touch, but they also add visual interest to the space.

Add Some Autumnal Accessories

Subtle nods at the season through color and textures may be enough for some. But true Fall fanatics will likely want to surround themselves with cozy autumn home décor and knick-knacks. To make your guests feel as though they’ve wandered into an Autumnal Wonderland, you might want to incorporate small, tasteful pumpkins set about on accent tables and bookshelves, wreaths fashioned from fall leaves, cotton stems or wheat placed in a vase, tasteful signs and pillows that pay tribute to the season, galvanized lanterns, fall-inspired plaids, live or artificial mums, baskets, and more.  

Set the Tone Through Seasonal Centerpieces

Whether hosting a mealtime gathering or simply creating a memory point for visitors to your home, your kitchen, dining room, and family room fireplace mantle are terrific blank canvases for a seasonal centerpiece. A burlap, plaid, or buffalo check table runner can serve as the foundation, upon which you can place a long wood box or dough bowl filled with layers of elements like wheat, leaves, gourds, candles, autumn olive or beauty berries, cotton bolls, moss, eucalyptus, and more. The internet is brimming with inspiration for unique Fall centerpieces for the home that will stun your guests.

Get Glowing with Warm Lighting

You can also set a little mood lighting that lends the feel of a late Fall afternoon as the sun sets in the West. To accomplish this look, you can invest in LED bulbs in warm white. If it’s an exposed bulb, an Edison bulb will give off a nice warm glow. You can also purchase lampshades in gold, burnt orange, or crimson to create a warm filter for your lighting.  

For more seasonal interior design tips and the latest news from Green River Builders, be sure to bookmark our blog. To learn more about us and our communities throughout Metro Atlanta, visit If you have questions or want to schedule a tour of available homes, email our sales team at  

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