March 22, 2024

How to Choose the Perfect Lot for Your Georgia Dream Home

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How to Choose the Perfect Lot for Your Georgia Dream Home

When Green River Builders launches a new community and releases our collection of available floor plans, we find that many of our homebuyers have a clear vision of what they want in a home. They may start with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, then pinpoint other desired features, like a formal dining room, a home office or study, an outdoor living space, and more. They may need a little more help in selecting the ideal home site on which to place that home. For lot selection tips, we break down the four main features you should look for in your future home site to help ensure many happy years in your new Green River Builders home.

Orientation and Sunlight

At Green River Builders, we design our homes with an abundance of windows to let the natural light shine in. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and how your home is positioned on a lot will alter the way sunlight impacts your house. For instance, north- and south-facing homes will not be hit with a blast of direct sunlight on the front or rear porches – making them more enjoyable at key times during the day. You can enjoy your morning coffee on the front porch and a grill out on the back patio in the evening. However, if you love to watch the sunrise from your bedroom windows and your primary bedroom is at the rear of the home, you’ll want a westward-facing home.  

Views and Privacy

Another important consideration when choosing the best lot for a new home is the privacy it will afford your family. For instance, if you love to grill out but don’t want all the neighbors peeking over the fence to see what you’re cooking, you may want to look for a lot that features a lot of trees, is angled in a way that provides you with a more secluded feel or is situated near the community’s green spaces. At the same time, if you’re seeking a homesite near one of the community’s special features, you’ll want to consider the view. An excellent example of this can be found in one of Green River Builders’ newest communities – Le Jardin in South Fulton. The community has a significant focus on landscape design and the community's natural beauty. If you love a great water feature, you might want to select a home site that provides spectacular views of one of the lakes from your back deck or patio.  

Lot Size and Shape

If you are locked in on a floor plan before you’ve selected your home site, it’s essential to consider that the lot size and shape will likely impact which floor plans can be built there. Lots with a smaller footprint will be more affordable but will be unable to accommodate our larger 5-bedroom homes. The shape of your lot can also factor into your desired lifestyle. For instance, if you have an active family who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors, you might want to seek a cul de sac lot with a pie wedge-shaped home site. It will provide more space in the backyard for grill outs, the placement of a playset, and entertaining al fresco.  

Future Growth and Resale Value

Beyond the orientation, size, shape, and views provided by the home site you seek, it’s critical to your future resale value to consider the community where your home is being built and the surrounding area. Do your research with regard to future growth in the area, the quality of the schools, access to major thoroughfares and travel corridors, proximity to shopping and dining, and more. Among Georgia home builders, Green River Builders takes pride in our intentional focus on doing all that research for you before we place our communities anywhere. We want to ensure that our homeowners love their new home and community from the moment they move in and far into the future. And when it comes time to sell and move on to life’s next chapter, we want to make sure your home either retains its value or that value grows in step with the surrounding area.  

If you are seeking a new home in an excellent metro Atlanta-area community, we invite you to call upon our skilled sales team at Platinum Key Realty of Georgia. They can be reached by email at or by phone at 770-790-1096. Not only can they help you find the ideal Green River Builders community to fit your needs and the perfect floor plan to fit your family, but they can also help you narrow down a wonderful lot to fit your vision. Schedule a tour of potential home sites TODAY!

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