March 22, 2024

5 Tips for Building a New Construction Home

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5 Tips for Building a New Construction Home

The Power of Pioneering

Finding a plot of land to call your own and building a brand-new home on those unspoiled grounds is an age-old practice. While some sailed over oceans to find that land, others crossed rough terrain and risked their lives to benefit from the Homestead Act – passed by Congress in 1862. This law gave every citizen the right to claim government land in the West, and after building a home and farming that land for five years, it would officially be theirs.  While the quest for a new home is far more accessible in the modern world, to this day, American homebuyers still enjoy exercising their personal powers of pioneering – whether they’re the first home in a new neighborhood, the first neighbors on their street, or the first to build a new floor plan. While many of us don’t necessarily need to be first, we still find the allure of a new construction home irresistible. But just like those early settlers, it’s essential for buyers to be equipped with the knowledge of certain pitfalls they might encounter along the way and the tools they’ll need to succeed in their quest for a new construction home – particularly those who have never built a new home from the ground up. The experts at Green River Builders have compiled a list of our top five tips to help homebuyers when choosing their first new construction home over another resale.

Determine Your Budget

The best place to start your new home search is by determining how much home you can afford. This will set realistic expectations and help you narrow your search. You can speak with your bank about getting a pre-qualification letter or establish a relationship with a mortgage company to go through the pre-approval process. A pre-approval letter – which signals that your credit and fiscal health have been thoroughly vetted – will go a long way in letting a builder know you’re serious about making a purchase, which is critical in today’s competitive housing market. If you prefer to wing it without a less formal prequalification letter or “we’re ready to roll” pre-approval letter, you can simply visit our sales team’s website at Platinum Key Realty of Georgia and use their mortgage calculator to learn what monthly mortgage payments fit best with your budget.

Research Local Builders

According to Statista, 99% of homebuyers between the ages of 23 and 56 use the internet to find homes as they launch their home search. When you find several GA home builders whose craftsmanship really resonates with you, dig a little deeper into each of them. Learn how long they have been building, pore over their gallery of photos, read their blog, and comb through those customer testimonials. You can even verify their license, insurance, and bonding certificates to ensure they are in good standing. While less established builders may offer more appealing price points, it’s typically wise to stick with a seasoned builder for a more seamless experience and more sound construction. Once you’ve narrowed down the list a bit more, determine where they are building and whether those locations are a good fit for you and your commute. If so, one of the best ways to get an excellent read on a builder and their product is to visit their communities, tour the model and explore available homes. Finally, if you don’t find the home of your dreams on the first pass, learn if it’s possible to take part in a home build. After all, is there anything more exciting than watching your future home grow from the ground up? Depending on the builder you choose, you may be able to select a lot of the fixtures, finishes, and upgrades that will make your home unique to your family.

Study the Location

By now, you believe you’ve found the ideal builder to lead your home build. But before you break ground, you need to ensure the location is a good fit for you. If you’re active, you may want to look into recreational outlets nearby – particularly if the community where you hope to build doesn’t offer amenities. If you are a foodie or fashionista, you’ll want to know where the best shops and restaurants are located. Quality of the local schools is a particularly important factor – not only for homebuyers who have children (or plan to have them in the future), but also for future resale value. In addition to looking for the positives of the location, you’ll also want to examine whether or not there are any red flags. Are there too many homes on the market and too many empty storefronts nearby? How are crime rates in the area? Is the surrounding area primarily industrial? Is there ample parking for you and any guests? Are the homes in the area well-maintained? If the bad outweighs the good, it may be wise to look elsewhere.

Start a Dialogue with the Builder

Once you’ve decided on a builder and a community, it’s time to introduce yourself. Chances are, your first contact will be with the on-site sales team. Come prepared with a list of questions to ask about available floor plans, the home construction process, special incentives, and opportunities to pick fixtures and finishes. At Green River Builders, depending on the stage of construction, our homebuyers will have an opportunity to collaborate with our professional interior designer to select certain finishes, fixtures, and upgrades to personalize the homebuilding process and make their home unique to them. This is often our homebuyers’ favorite part of the home building process. Depending on the builder, you may be able to meet them before you sign a contract. Builders – or construction supervisors – are often on-site at new construction neighborhoods. If you get a good feel for the sales and construction teams, it may be time to sign on the dotted line.

Sign Your Contract and Launch Construction

CONGRATULATIONS! When you’ve gotten to this step, it’s clear that you’ve done your due diligence and have begun establishing relationships with your future home build team. Before you sign a binding legal contract, you should read it carefully cover to cover. You may also want your real estate agent and family attorney to review it. Make sure any assurances they gave you are in writing, including any warranties and the home price you negotiated. Then, when you feel satisfied that everything is in order, sign on the dotted line and enjoy every moment of your journey to the closing table. If you live nearby, endeavor to be at the construction site at least once a week to check on your home’s progress and communicate regularly with your sales and construction team.

Green River Builders welcomes the chance to be your first-time home build team. We invite you to learn more about us and what sets our company apart from other builders by visiting While there, explore our current communities and know that we have several more in the pipeline. If you’d like to schedule a tour of any one of our communities, please get in touch with our sales team at Platinum Key Realty of Georgia at 770-790-1096 or

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