March 22, 2024

Five Trends to Watch in Outdoor Living Spaces for 2022

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Five Trends to Watch in Outdoor Living Spaces for 2022

Serving as the backdrop to a lifetime of memories, scenic settings play a significant role in everything from our homes in several of Atlanta’s most sought after neighborhoods to our luxury estates that dot the shoreline along Lake Oconee. It should come as no surprise then that Green River Builders places a large emphasis on the quality of our outdoor living spaces – creating ideal venues for al fresco feasts with friends, star gazing with the ones you love, marshmallow roasting with the kids and so much more. Just as we keep an eye on interior design trends for the benefit of our homeowners, we also pay attention to rapidly rising developments in outdoor living space design. We’re happy to share our favorite results from our research so you, too, can keep an eye on these five trends to watch in outdoor living spaces for 2022…

It’s Totally Mod! – Just as modular furniture has taken the living room by storm, it is also quickly finding its way outdoors. Sectionals that can be easily reconfigured featuring cushions that can be recovered make it easy for you to change up the look of your outdoor living space – making it as inviting visually as it is comfortable for your family and your guests. Other trends in outdoor furniture that have also taken a cue from their popularity in interior design include those crafted from natural materials like wood, eco-friendly poly-rattan and macrame.

How Does Your Garden Grow? – We’re witnessing the reemergence of backyard gardens – from wildflowers to your personal produce crop. If you’re more into the visual versus the functional garden, a selection of wildflowers can create a charming effect with little maintenance on your part. However, with sustainability gaining steam in more and more households, just imagine how nice it would be to pick fresh herbs, tomatoes and carrots from your own garden for the evening meal. The kids might even get a kick out of having their own garden to tend – a wonderful way to foster a love of the environment and Great Outdoors in them from an early age.

Grills Gone Wild! – A propane grill set up in the corner of a patio has given way to more grand andimaginative outdoor kitchens – the ideal fit for the couple who loves to entertain AND showcase their culinary talents. From cook tops where one of you can sauté the mushrooms that will top the impeccably grilled steaks your better half is searing on the grill to pizza ovens where wood-fired wonders cook to perfection, cooking platforms are only PART of the picture. Taking a cue from the dinner theater aspect at many great restaurants, a growing number of outdoor living spaces are incorporating bars where you can prep food while your guests sit and watch the magic. You can also create a romantic outdoor dining room where everyone can delight in the fruits of your labor – while fireflies lend a little enchantment to the evening.

Setting the Scene – Whether it’s your own tribute to an English garden, a beautiful swimming pool with pool deck, or expansive views of the moon reflected in lake waters, you’ll want to frame the highlight of your outdoor setting and provide front row seats to the “show.” A firepit or outdoor hearth surrounded by Adirondack chairs – each graced with a cozy throw for cool evenings – could be the perfect place for enjoying post-dinner cocktails as your gaze into the fire, swap tales from your youth and listen to the sounds of the night. By setting the scene, you’ll make everything within view feel like it’s part of your outdoor living space – including the stars twinkling overhead.

Technology Takes to the Open Air – Just as home interiors are becoming “smarter,” we’re starting to see this trend make its way outdoors. While outdoor flat screen TVs are nothing new, Wi-Fi boosters hooked up outside serve to aid in fewer interruptions to your streaming of movies and sports. Wireless outdoor speakers allow you to pump your smartphone’s playlist into the night air to enhance the ambiance further. There are also a variety of new trends in outdoor lighting – from color-changing LED lights to set the mood to solar-powered path lights to stylish smart security lighting that you can turn on from a mobile device when you’re away.

Should you opt to buy or build a Green River Builders home in 2022, we are happy to discuss your outdoor living space options with you. It’s our goal for you to love your home – inside AND out! To learn more about Green River Builders and our communities, visit

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