February 1, 2023

Six Benefits of Building a Home in The Winter Months

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Six Benefits of Building a Home in The Winter Months

Spring traditionally holds the record for the best time to buy an existing home because many homeowners will opt to list between April and June, meaning more selection from which you can choose. However, if you’re looking to build a new home, Green River Builders proposes five compelling reasons why Winter may be your best bet to launch construction.

Cost Savings on Materials

While construction costs have been elevated for some time – due in large part to supply and labor shortages – the market is slowly starting to correct. Add in the fact that Winter is not the most popular season for construction where many builders are concerned, and there are deals to be had on construction materials. This is particularly true for builders like Green River Builders that have long-standing, solid relationships with our vendors. We can negotiate on excess inventory to get the best deal possible, and then pass those savings on to our home buyers. It’s a simple matter of supply and demand. As an added benefit, the same will often hold true for the furnishings of your new home. Many furniture stores boast major sales for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in January and President’s Day in February. They are often selling off their overstocks ahead of the Spring release of new furniture styles at full price.  

Availability of Builders, Subcontractors, and Tradesmen Means a Faster Build

Just like any industry, construction experiences fluctuations from one season to the next. While many production builders may opt to limit construction during the Winter months ahead of the Spring ramp-up, Green River Builders maintains a steady pace year-round. By doing so, we have found that the availability of subcontractors and tradesmen is abundant in January, February, and March. The more skilled professionals we can schedule at the construction site, the faster the build. That means the window between when you sign your contract and when you sign your closing papers is often abbreviated (weather permitting). And speaking of weather, cooler temperatures make lighter work than those sweltering Hotlanta temperatures that are synonymous with Summer. While timelines may change, what doesn’t change is our commitment to the delivery of quality craftsmanship.

Clearer Views of Property

While everyone loves the image of green grass, trees filled with leaves, and blue skies above to frame their happy new home, one major benefit to building in Winter is you get a clearer perspective of the lay of the land in and around your property. Trees free of foliage make it easier to see the structures that surround your home, allowing you to plan for things like the placement of cypress trees or a fence to enhance the sense of privacy. Before your sod is laid, you can also look to your property as a “blank canvas” where you can let your imagination run wild for future landscape design, the incorporation of a firepit patio, and possibly even the addition of a pool!

Less Competition for Home Sites

Just as Winter marks the proverbial “off-season” for many production builders, the same often holds true for homebuyers. Many will wait until Spring to begin their home search or home build. Fewer homebuyers mean less competition for home sites, making it easier for you to get a jump on the best lots with optimal topography and views in a community you love.

Your Home Could Be Move-In Ready in Time for Warm Weather

When the stars align and we experience faster build times in the Winter than we might be able to extend to our homebuyers in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, the likelihood that you’ll be moving in during warm weather is vastly improved. It’s never too early to start planning your Spring and Summer gardens, as well as those warm weather gatherings like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. If you’ve got school-age children, the warm weather move also means you can get settled in before school begins.

New Lots Available at Green River Builder Communities

Another major benefit to a Winter home build is that Green River Builders has just released new home sites for construction in our new community of Trove in Watkinsville and new lots for presales at our up-and-coming community of Underwood Crossing in Rockdale County – just 10 miles from the main street charm of Downtown Covington. To learn more about the availability of home sites and to schedule a tour of one of our exciting new communities, please contact our sales team at 770-790-1096 or info@platinumkeyteam.com. If you’ve got your heart set on a luxury lake home, we can help you find the ideal lot and floor plan to match!

To learn more about the Green River Difference and where we are building throughout metro Atlanta, please visit www.GreenRiverBuilder.com.  

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