March 22, 2024

Three Life-Changing, Space-Saving Home Design Ideas

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Three Life-Changing, Space-Saving Home Design Ideas

Minimalism has taken the design world by storm – and with good reason. Even a 3,000-square-foot, four-bedroom, three-bathroom home can begin to feel crowded when there is too much clutter about. So, to achieve that uncluttered “interior design magazine spread” look and feel, more and more homeowners are seeking creative space-saving design solutions. The design team at Green River Builders points to three of our favorite life-changing, space-saving ideas – one we can help you with and two you can tackle on your own!

Built-in Storage Solutions

During your Green River home build, you’ll notice our intentional focus on built-in storage solutions. From spacious closets to an abundance of cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom spaces, we strive to provide plenty of places for you to stash your stuff. We often incorporate design options and upgrades geared toward storage in our floor plan designs, including built-in bookcases, built-in dining buffets, and home office systems.  

Multipurpose Furniture

To help homeowners achieve that uncluttered aesthetic, more and more furniture designers are getting on board with pieces that serve more than one function. One of the easiest space-saving furniture pieces that works with a wide variety of design styles is a large ottoman that does double duty as a blanket or toy chest – making it a wise investment in the family and media rooms. Look for wall units that serve as a TV console and storage solution-in-one for a home theater and large storage hutches with an abundance of cabinets and drawers to stow your treasured china, silverware, and serving pieces in the dining room. Space-saving furniture also extends to the primary bedroom, with wardrobes for added clothing storage, closet systems for maximizing existing capacity, and dressers loaded with drawers. As for the secondary bedrooms, a bed with built-in drawers may make a great addition to a kid’s bedroom. Finally, don’t forget great items like coffee tables with an abundance of drawers in the gathering spaces and storage benches for stowing backpacks just off the garage or in the front hall. Long story short, employ creativity when researching and shopping for space-saving furniture.  

Creative Organization Solutions

Beyond big furniture pieces designed for storage, you can invest in a number of creative organization solutions that will optimize both your built-in and sourced space-saving pieces.  

Multiple Living Spaces: Square stackable storage boxes work great in both kitchen and bathroom cabinets, as well as in storage hutches, built-in bookcases, and media room wall units for stowing the small stuff. Buy boxes that you can label with the contents to make finding what you’re looking for easier.  

Bedroom Closets:  A hanging shoe organizer can hold shoes as intended or play a dual role of accessory storage in the closet.  

Bathroom Cabinets:  Use rectangular storage bins as “pretend” pull-out drawers in bathroom cabinets – making it easier to stow and find your vitamins and self-care items, like lotions, hair spray, makeup remover, and more.  

Kitchen Cabinets:  You can also place your grains and spices in clear Ball jars and decanters in the kitchen, which – as an added benefit – create a great look on floating shelves. For your under-sink cabinet, consider placing a tension rod from which you can hang a dozen bottles filled with window cleaner, carpet cleaner, multipurpose cleaners, and more – freeing up space on the shelf below for other items.  

Commitment to Quality

As far as GA home builders go, Green River Builders’ commitment to quality sets us apart. That commitment extends to both our home-building and home-buying experiences. We design our homes for flexibility to fit the lifestyles of the families who will live there, and our sales team endeavors to make your journey to the closing table second to none. We welcome the opportunity to build your next home – filled with storage spaces that make it easy to minimize the clutter. To learn more about our homes and the Metro Atlanta communities where we are building, we invite you to visit To schedule a tour of one of our model or inventory homes so we can show you our storage solutions firsthand, contact our sales team at 770-790-1096 or  

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