March 22, 2024

A Trio of Tips for Creating Kid-Friendly Living Spaces

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A Trio of Tips for Creating Kid-Friendly Living Spaces

With a growing number of parents working from home, creating living spaces for family members to spread out has never been more important. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that between 2019 and 2021, the number of remote workers tripled from roughly 9 million people to an estimated 27.6 million people in just three years. As a result, on one end of the spectrum, studies and home offices have witnessed a resurgence in popularity for working adults. At the same time, on the other, it’s essential to create kid-friendly living spaces that are specifically for the younger members of the household. Therefore, when undertaking a Georgia home build and considering an overall family home design, you may want to ensure that it accommodates one or more of the following kid-friendly home ideas…

Use Kid-Friendly Materials

To create safe, durable, and functional spaces for children, a great place to start is with kid-friendly materials. From scratch-proof flooring and stain-resistant upholstery that help with those inevitable accidents to washable throw pillows and blankets that amp up the cozy factor, form meets function in bedrooms, playrooms, homework zones, and media spaces. For the walls, semi-gloss paint proves easy to clean those occasional handprints and impromptu works of wall art crafted with markers or crayons and loads of well-intended - albeit misplaced - imagination.  

Establish Designated Play Areas

While many children have their own bedroom or share one with a sibling, it’s wise to find a flexible floor plan to accommodate a designated “all our own” kids’ zone. The kids’ ages may help determine the room’s use – like a tried-and-true playroom for little ones, or a cool media space meets homework zone for teens. Of course, your children will know that’s their space, but kid-focused décor and whimsically painted accent walls will let the world know it, too. At Green River Builders, we endeavor to create floor plans built for the way modern families live. Flexible rooms and basements in our family home designs all have the makings of a future kids’ space in your new Georgia home build.  

Incorporating Storage Solutions

It’s bound to happen. With kids comes clutter. By incorporating creative storage solutions that make sense with the room’s design and establishing some ground rules about clean-up, you can keep that clutter to a minimum. From bookcases with cubbies and dressers filled with drawers to storage ottomans and a classic toy chest, you can take simple steps to make it easy for your kids to stow and go at the end of the day. To prevent them from toppling, be sure to secure bookcases and dressers to the wall. Outside their designated kids’ space, a drop zone near the garage with wall hooks and locker-inspired cubby holes for stashing jackets, sports equipment, and book bags will also help minimize clutter. For even more great tips on incorporating storage solutions throughout the rest of your home, visit our Life-Changing, Space-Saving Home Design Ideas blog.

For even more life hacks and design tips, bookmark the Green River Builders blog and visit often. To explore the communities where we have a presence, visit If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour of our models or available homes and home sites, contact our knowledgeable sales team at Platinum Key Realty. They can be reached at 770-790-1096 or   We look forward to Building the Next Chapter of Your Family’s Story!

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